Can Concrete be Stained a Different Color?

Learn how you can use acid stains and other dyes to change the color of your existing concrete surfaces! Read our expert guide on how you can achieve different looks.

Can Concrete be Stained a Different Color?

The acid stain will work on any concrete, colored or gray. The big difference will be the final color. With smooth gray concrete, you can more accurately predict what the final color will be. It will be easier to play with non-reactive tinted concrete. You'll be able to see the color of the finished product, although it's always a good idea to run some tests.

There are two ways to dye concrete with different colors. One is to mask a pattern and use two different colors to fill the section. The other way is to dye the floor with a light color and then use a painting technique to apply a darker color and create a marble effect. You can create any design imaginable with spots. You can even mix and match different colors of acid spots, or use acid spots along with water-based stains to get wider color varieties.

The first step for colored concrete is to choose its shade. But, it's not just about selecting a color and running with it. Knowing what colors are available, as well as having an understanding of how the basic colors of acid stains for concrete can be combined for infinite variety and depth are vitally important to the process. Each application is unique and the combination of different colors can create amazing results. When used in conjunction with acid dye colors for brown or red concrete, sky blue creates a striking similarity to real marble.

Sky Blue Acid Concrete Dye should never be applied to a wet or damp surface, as this results in black and brown spots on the stain surface. Sky blue is only recommended for indoor projects. This versatile dye can be applied with most other acid concrete stain colors. Avocado Acid Concrete Dye should never be applied to a wet or damp surface, as this results in black and brown spots on the stain surface. Avocado is recommended for indoor projects only. As you can see, this type of concrete dye is available in a wide variety of color options, from muted brown to green or deep blue.

In addition, several colors can be applied to the same floor to create a natural effect. A common technique for applying acid stain layers for concrete to concrete floors is to spray the entire area with dilute brown acid dye and then stain the areas with undiluted colors. Turquoise concrete floors using the “wet on dry” veining technique with sky blue as the base color and acid dye for concrete Glue for the grain effect. Unlike concrete stains, these pigments penetrate completely into concrete, providing a more natural-looking color that won't tarnish on concrete in high-traffic areas. This style of concrete stain is the oldest and most common, however, they are only available in a very limited number of colors, most of which have a shade of brown, red or blue. This polished concrete floor design was created with a cut of desert amber with a part of water as the base color highlighted with “wet on wet” brown coffee. This concrete floor design was created using Desert Amber cut with a portion of water as the base color highlighted with brown “wet on wet” brown coffee. The easiest way to check if your old concrete is sealed is to pour a little water on the concrete.

Because of this, these concrete stains should not be used to provide color on outdoor surfaces such as patios or pool decks. Malayan Buff Concrete Acid Stain is one of the best color choices for many contractors because of its neutral shade and simple application. Desert Amber, Malayan Buff & Changeable sand concrete acid stains were used to create this eye-catching fire table. If you're looking for a solid black finish, Direct Colors Black Vibrance concrete stain or ColorWave water-based dyes are better. Concrete colored with this method is more wear resistant and less vulnerable to moisture and de-icing chemicals than standard concrete.

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